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RUGHETTA Sky Farm baby arugula, Parmesan, lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.   12

STAGIONE Sky Farm mesclun mix, Gigi Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette.  10

GIGI CAESAR Red and green baby Romaine, Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, ciabatta croutons.  12

SPRING VEG CRUNCH Baby red and green Romaine, feta, broccoli, watermelon, radishes, cucumbers, shaved carrots, dried cherries, paprika pepitas, citrus-thyme vinaigrette.  14

BARBINA Sky Farm mesclun, beets, asparagus, mushrooms, toasted walnuts, musclun, Coach Farm goat cheese, Gigi Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette.  14

Additional Salad Toppings:

Pan seared shrimp (4 oz)  6
Grilled organic chicken breast (6 oz) 7
Moroccan spiced lamb kebob 8
Imported white anchovies (4 oz)  5
Faroe Islands salmon (6 oz)  10



ARANCINI Crispy saffron and chorizo risotto balls.  10

CALAMARI Crispy squid with spicy garlic sauce.  16

CEVICHE Citrus marinated shrimp, squid, and cod, with shaved red onions, cucumbers, jalapeno.  18

AVOCADO RELLENO Shrimp and guacamole stuffed, topped with salmon caviar.  16

EGGPLANT NAPOLEON Crispy eggplant layered with mascarpone and fresh ricotta, roasted cherry tomatoes.   15

FISH TACOS Two grilled corn tortillas with crispy cod, habanero aioli, mango salsa.  12

FEGATO Crispy local chicken livers, fried basil, peppadews, capers, balsamic agrodolce.  10

AVOCADO HUMMUS with house made pita crisps.  16

ORGANIC CHICKEN WINGS BBQ or Old Bay rubbed.  12

SALUMI Salami, sopressata, coppa, and prosciutto with pickled vegetables.  10/15

CHEESE PLATE Assorted Hudson Valley and Mediterranean cheeses (select 2 or 4 cheeses).  9/16

CRUDITÉS de GIGI Flash cooked seasonal vegetables with avocado hummus.  16



Crispy Gigi flatbread “pizza”. Gluten-free add 2.5
Additional vegetable  1  Additional protein  2

MARGHERITA Tomato Sauce, basil, oregano, mozzarella.   13

RUSTICA Ricotta-roasted garlic spread, sausage, broccoli rabe, shaved Parmesan, chili flakes.  15

BIANCA Gigi Fig Jam, shaved pears, Coach Farm goat cheese, mozzarella, arugula, truffle oil.  16


TUSCAN FRIES Crispy fries, herbs, salsa verde.  9  With Parmesan add $2.

SICILIAN CAULIFLOWER Fried and tossed with capers, green olives, golden raisins, shallots.  10

SPRING VEGETABLE SAUTÉ Zucchini, carrots, turnips, fava beans, broccoli, and red onions
with fresh herbs.  10

SNAP PEAS Olive oil sauteed with poppy seeds and crispy shallots.  9

BROCCOLI RABE Sautéed with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic , and chili flakes.  9


Gluten free brown rice penne available with all Gigi sauces.

TAGLIATELLE House made pasta, Gigi Bolognese (Meiller Farm beef and pork ragu), fresh ricotta.  18/24

GNOCCHI Asparagus pesto, aspargus tips, broccoli, zucchini, fava beans, cherry tomatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts petals, Grana Padano.  18/23

RIGATONI BUTTERA House made Meiller Farm pork sausage, peas, tomatoes, splash of cream.  18/24

LASAGNA BOLOGNESE Home made lasagna sheets layered with Bolognese, mozzarella, Parmesan, fresh herbs.  23

PENNE ARRABBIATA Spicy tomato sauce, garlic, basil.  15/18



MARKET FISH Pan seared Faroe Islands salmon (always available). Please ask about daily fish selections. All fish entrees offered with one side.  MP

TURKISH FISH STEW Spiced broth with scallops, shrimp, squid, potatoes, chick peas and toasted pita.  26

FAZIO FARMS HALF CHICKEN Pan roasted with last season herb preserved tomatoes and crispy Sicilian cauliflower.  28

PORCHETTA Classic slow roasted Roman-style pork stuffed with fennel, herbs, and garlic. Wiltbank Farm shiitake and oyster mushroom demi, mixed marbled potatoes, fava beans, and garlic chives.  28

STEAK FRITES 14 oz prime Angus rib eye with wilted greens, Tuscan Fries, Gigi Salsa Verde.  36



1/2 lb. Meiller Farms ground beef topped with crispy bacon, sliced tomato, NYS cheddar on brioche bun. Served with Tuscan Fries.  18

Gluten-free bun  2


*Our traditional and gluten free Skizzas are made in different locations.
They are cooked in separate ovens onsite.
**All ingredients are not listed on menu. Please alert us to any
concerns of allergens.

We use refined peanut oil for frying. This healthy highly monounsaturated fat produces
deliciously crispy appetizers and Tuscan fries and is allergen free. - Laura Pensiero, RD

Call 845-876-1007 for take out orders