Gigi Trattoria CocktailsIn addition to our accessible wine list, Gigi Trattoria features seasonal specialty cocktails made from natural ingredients. Freshly squeezed juices, local produce and house made syrups and shrubs are a few of the ingredients that make up our lovely libations. These handcrafted cocktails honor the same respect for seasonality and simplicity held throughout Gigi Trattoria:



STRAWBERRY RUM FIZZ House made strawberry shrub, rum, fresh lime, topped with club soda.  12

BLACK COSMOPOLITAN Vodka, CurrantC black currant concentrate, Cointreau, and fresh lime.  12

CHERRY-OH House-made cherry shrub, bourbon, fresh lemon juice, Doc's Draught hard cider.  12

CORNICHON MARTINI Gin or vodka, cornichon pickle juice, dash of Cholula.  11

POMEGRANATE MARGARITA Blanco tequila, pomegranate juice, fresh lime juice, Triple Sec, lavender-honey syrup.  11

SPICY BLOODY MARIA Gigi Bloody Maria mix, tequila, cayenne salted rim.  11